Autopool Plans

In the Autopool MLM Plan, distributors are organized into "pools" or "levels" based on their recruitment hierarchy. Each pool has a specific width, determining the number of distributors it can accommodate. As distributors join the program, they are placed in the first available position in their respective pool.

The Autopool MLM Plan offers various commission and bonus structures to reward distributors for their efforts. Here are some common components of the plan:

Pool Completion Bonus: When a distributor's pool cycles, they receive a pool completion bonus. This bonus can be a fixed amount or a percentage of the sales volume generated within the pool. It serves as an incentive for distributors to actively recruit and fill their pools.

Re-entry Bonus: When a distributor is re-entered into the starting pool after cycling, they have the opportunity to earn a re-entry bonus. This bonus provides additional earning potential as distributors continue to cycle through the pools.

Leadership Bonus: Distributors who achieve higher ranks or specific milestones may qualify for leadership bonuses. These bonuses are based on the overall performance of their organization and provide additional rewards and recognition for their leadership efforts.

Advantages of Autopool MLM Plan:

Rapid and Continuous Growth: The automatic cycling and re-entry feature of the Autopool Plan ensure rapid and continuous growth within the organization. Distributors have the opportunity to cycle through multiple pools, generating income at each level.

Team Building and Support: The Autopool Plan encourages teamwork and support among distributors. As the pools cycle, distributors work together to help each other progress and earn bonuses. This fosters a cooperative and collaborative MLM community.

Income Diversification: With multiple pools and re-entries, distributors have the potential to earn income from various sources within the Autopool Plan. This diversification reduces reliance on a single pool and enhances overall earning potential.

Motivation and Excitement: The Autopool Plan creates a sense of motivation and excitement as distributors strive to cycle through pools and earn bonuses. The continuous progression and rewards keep the MLM business dynamic and engaging.