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Disclaimer Of Warranty

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License & Copyrights

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Software Responsibility

The company will not be responsible for maintaining the client’s software if any modification in the software / source code is done by the client themselves.Company will apply charges to fix any issues which may arise because of modification of the source code.

Security Safeguards

  1. The Company does not guarantee that the security measures are effective under all circumstances. The Company will endeavor to ensure that the security measures are of a reasonable level, having regard to the state of the art, the sensitivity of the Personal Information and the costs related to the security
  2. The Client will only make the Personal Information available to the Company if it is assured that the necessary security measures have been taken. The Client is responsible for ensuring compliance with the measures agreed by and between the Parties.
  3. If there is any data loss from the Client, its employees or subcontractors,the Company shall not be responsible.

Project Pre-requisites

All the below-listed itemsis requested to provide by the client to the company in Soft & Hard copies, which are required to use on various stages of planning, designing and development of the software.

  1. The name of the Project / Company / Venture & LOGO.
  2. Company Address, Mailing address, Phone Numbers to be shown on website.
  3. Complete Business Plan with illustrations and also critical logic explanations to understand the income strategies offered.
  4. Application form formats to know the what data is to be filled by the applicant, and a list of Terms & Conditions to be accepted by the applicant while joining to the project.
  5. Contents like a profile of the company or promoters to be shown on the website, Products / Services, images (If any), etc.
  6. Format ofthe unique identical number or username the system should allocate.
  7. Color choice if you have any for website design, specifications like links, buttons and navigation required on the website.
  8. Formats of Bills, Certificates, Receipts orany such documents, which is required to be provide from the software.
  9. If the client wants to integrate any third-party application like payment gateway, the client has to provide required integration API on the time to avoid delay of project delivery.

Payment Terms

The client agrees to pay advanceayment terms amount based on the requirement at the time of placing the Order for the software and other installments based on the payment schedules mentioned in the quotation. The Company reserves the right to decline or remove the work for the Client if payment is not received within the aforementioned time frame.

Maintenance & Support

The company will furnish the free service such as installation, online support via Call or Mail, and error-correction for the software till the one-year duration from the delivery date mentioned in the quotation of the project. In the case, that client has technical queries in using the software during the 12 months of this agreement, a client can send those queries to the company and the consultation will be provided within 48 hours without any charge. Any integration of additional module or features after the agreed 12 months will be charged based on client’s requirements.

Contact Us

Please contact us at infomlmkare@gmail.com if you have any questions about MLMKARE’s Privacy Policy or Terms of Use.