Data Collection

MLMKARE is committed to protect your personal information. We don’t collect any personal information without your permission.

Third Party Services

We do not include or offer third-party products or serviceson our website. Any collection of data or inconvenience caused by any third-party services is solelyfrom their end and we are not responsible for it.

Trademarks Protection Policy

MLMKARE doesn’t allow any illegal use of our trademark rights andif found legal actions can be taken. It comprises our brand logo, slogan, etc.

Disclosure Of Personal Data

  1. The Company shall only disclose Personal Data if it is bound to do so by law or if it has been expressly authorised to do so by the User concerned.
  2. The Company shall not sell Personal Data to third parties unless it has obtained the User’s consent thereto.
  3. The Company shall store Personal Data for such duration as may be necessary to comply with legal requirements.

Anti-spam Policy

MLMKARE does not encourage email spams orpromotions without user consent.We hate spams as much as you do.

Privacy Policy Changes

Changes to our Privacy Policy may occur in regular intervals. We highlyrecommend our visitors to check for any changes in our Policy regularly.

Contact Information

For any questions and suggestions about our Privacy Policy or Services,feel free to contact us at