Board Plans

In the Board MLM Plan, distributors are organized into boards or matrices, typically with a fixed number of positions. Each board has a specific width and depth, determining the number of distributors it can accommodate. As distributors join the program, they enter the first available position on the board.

The Board MLM Plan offers various commission and bonus structures to reward distributors for their efforts. Here are some common components of the plan:

Board Completion Bonus: When a distributor's board fills up, they receive a board completion bonus. This bonus can be a fixed amount or a percentage of the sales volume generated within the board. It serves as an incentive for distributors to actively recruit and fill their boards.

Board Split Bonus: When a board splits, the distributor who advances to the next level receives a board split bonus. This bonus is a portion of the sales volume generated in the split board. It rewards distributors for their leadership and motivates them to continue building their teams.

Matching Bonus: The Board MLM Plan often includes a matching bonus, where distributors earn a percentage of the board completion or split bonuses earned by their personally sponsored distributors. This encourages mentorship and supports the development of a strong downline.

Leadership Bonus: Distributors who achieve higher ranks or specific milestones may qualify for leadership bonuses. These bonuses are based on the overall performance of their organization and provide additional rewards and recognition for their leadership efforts.

Advantages of Board MLM Plan:

Teamwork and Collaboration: The Board Plan fosters teamwork and collaboration among distributors. They work together to fill boards, support each other's advancement, and maximize their collective earnings.

Incentivized Growth: The plan incentivizes distributors to actively recruit and build their teams. The board completion and split bonuses, along with matching and leadership bonuses, provide strong incentives for continuous growth and engagement.

Dynamic and Exciting Structure: The board advancement system adds an element of excitement and motivation to the MLM business. Distributors strive to fill boards, progress to higher levels, and create new boards, keeping the momentum and enthusiasm high.

High Earning Potential: With each board cycle and advancement, distributors have the opportunity to earn substantial bonuses. The plan's multi-level structure and bonuses provide the potential for significant income generation.