Matrix Plans

The Matrix MLM Plan, also known as the Forced Matrix Plan, is designed to create a structured and efficient downline organization. This plan allows you to build a matrix of distributors with a fixed width and depth. Here's how the Matrix MLM Plan works and the key benefits it offers:

Matrix Structure: In the Matrix MLM Plan, you have control over the width and depth of your matrix. For example, a 3x3 matrix means you can have three frontline distributors and three levels deep. As your organization grows, new recruits are placed in the next available position within the matrix, following a predetermined pattern.

The Matrix Plan offers various commission structures to reward distributors for their efforts. Common commission types include:

Level Commissions: Distributors earn a commission based on the sales volume or activity of their downline members up to a certain level within the matrix. This motivates distributors to build a strong and active team.

Matching Bonuses: Distributors receive a percentage of the commissions earned by their personally sponsored distributors. This encourages leadership and provides an additional incentive to help and support their downline.

Matrix Completion Bonus: Distributors can earn a bonus when they completely fill a level or matrix. This creates excitement and motivates distributors to focus on filling their matrix positions.

Overriding Commissions: As a distributor advances in rank or achieves specific milestones, they can earn overriding commissions based on the sales volume of their entire organization. This provides an opportunity for significant earning potential as the network expands.

Advantages of Matrix MLM Plan:

Controlled Structure: The fixed width and depth of the matrix allow for better control and management of your organization. This structured approach simplifies calculations and ensures fair distribution of commissions.

Teamwork and Support: The spillover and spillunder feature promote teamwork and collaboration among distributors. It encourages them to help each other succeed and build a strong, cohesive organization.

Incentivized Growth: The commission structures and bonuses offered within the Matrix Plan incentivize distributors to actively recruit new members and promote sales, driving growth and expansion of your MLM network.